Sales Outsourcing Service

Sales Outsourcing
Give the hotels operating outside Yerevan a dedicated sales manager, who will handle all the sales activities in Yerevan, as well as provide the hotels with other professional S&M services that will give them a competitive edge in their market.

All the hotels operating in the regions of Armenia and Karabakh, also in Georgia and other areas that have interest in the Yerevan market.


Recruiting Coordinator /INTERN/ Noor Hospitality

Noor Hospitality is looking for an active, enthusiastic, and positive intern ready to join its team with a perspective to grow into a full-time employee.

The Secret Shopper Program

Secret Shopper
Many hotels face low quality of service coming from careless associates, sometimes hidden from the eyes of the management and owners of the hotel. This poor service mainly occurs during night hours and day-offs of the management. Beside poor service issues, it is also possible that some of the associates may steal money by not properly registering the cash, especially those working at night shifts, also those working at restaurants and bars.

The Internship Initiative

To give people a chance to get a high-demand profession in the hospitality industry, re-qualify and find a job in a hotel. This non-commercial initiative is aiming at increasing the skilled workforce willing to work in hotels in Yerevan and other places in Armenia, as well as the hotels will have quick solutions should they need new staff. The interns will learn for the future and work for the hotel without pay during a certain period of time. This initiative is beneficial both for the hotels and interns.


Welcome to Noor Hospitality LLC!

Noor Hospitality Armenia

Noor Hospitality LLC is based in Yerevan, Armenia. The team members of the company, armed with the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated during their extensive work in hotels bearing names of major international brands like Marriott, Starwood, Sheraton, etc., are here to help you stay afloat in the increasingly competitive hotel market in Armenia. Here are the services that you always need to run a hotel successfully in Armenia:

Sales Channels Management

Hotel Sales channels management

As straightforward as it may seem, not all the hotels are aware of all the sales channels and market segments that have potential for them. A detailed analysis of all the potential customer base will reveal new opportunities and business leads that may significantly improve the performance of the hotel. The market is changing all the time, the customers’ hotel booking patterns and methods also change, so it is vitally important to be up to date with newly emerging channels and new guest habits to stay afloat and enjoy the competitive advantage of being knowledgeable and proactive.

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