The Internship Initiative

To give people a chance to get a high-demand profession in the hospitality industry, re-qualify and find a job in a hotel. This non-commercial initiative is aiming at increasing the skilled workforce willing to work in hotels in Yerevan and other places in Armenia, as well as the hotels will have quick solutions should they need new staff. The interns will learn for the future and work for the hotel without pay during a certain period of time. This initiative is beneficial both for the hotels and interns.

high-school grads, students, new university grads, people thinking of changing their occupation

at least 1 week of everyday practice in a department with actual working and interaction. No shift to other department is needed. regular working schedule for the interns is desired.

Only those will be sent to the participating hotel that really show great desire to learn and work in the hospitality industry and meet the hotel’s requirements for the position. The interns will be selected based on a personal interview by Noor Hospitality

The participating hotels choose a period most convenient for the internship and tell Noor Hospitality about the period and available spots, the department and duration to accept the intern. Noor hospitality will post an announcement and find interns that meet the requirements of the hotel. The selected applicants will receive an envelope with an official letter from Noor Hospitality, requesting to accept the applicants as interns at the hotel (presentable to the taxation authorities), as well as his resume and our assessment form. This envelope they should present to the HR department of the hotel. In the end of the internship the hotel will be asked to give a recommendation letter if the applicant deserves.

Hotels that like the interns, will keep their details in their files and invite them to work as soon as they need.
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