eZee Frontdesk PMS

  • eZee Frontdesk PMS

Designed and developed by experts from hotels, eZee Frontdesk property management system is a set of powerful features that makes managing a hotel of any size very intuitive. It is installed at the premises of the hotel and gives the hotel permanent access to the software regardless the internet connection. It is best for hotels where the internet access is not stable or available. 

Here are the basic features of the eZee Frontdesk PMS:

    • Reservation Center
    • Front Desk operations
    • Rates and taxes
    • Revenue management
    • Back-office operations
    • Invoice, bills and cashier center
    • Group operations
    • System access controls
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Housekeeping and maintenance
    • Analytics and reports
    • Banquet and event management
    • Mobile app for reports
    • Laundry management
    • Minibar management
    • Employee management

    The eZee Frontdesk easily integrates with the channel manager of eZee Centrix and the Web reservation module that allow all bookings received from various online channels to appear in eZee Frontdesk PMS.

    The pricing of the eZee Frontdesk PMS makes it one of the best solutions available in the market.
    It is available in Armenia, Russian and other 54 languages. 
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