Feasibility Studies

Hotel feasibility study

Getting into hotel business is rewarding if it is the right project in the right place in the right time. It is a huge investment of time and money, and, as in every such a case, it is vitally important to think profoundly before starting the project. If something is miscalculated, the financial results can be devastating as a hotel takes a lot of fixed costs, and it would be impossible to hold on long time.

The feasibility study of the hotel project prepared by professionals of the field will reveal opportunities, favourable market conditions, and an initial calculation of the projected occupancies, construction costs and expected revenues for the at least 5 years to go, and expected operational costs and an estimated ROI. This will let you know whether it makes sense to start the project or not. This may save a lot of money for you, or will give you the confidence to go on with the project.

With our experienced specialists we can do feasibility studies for any area in Armenia, give you a chance to see whether it is worth to invest or not.

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