Hotel Amenities Supply Organization

Hotel guest supllies organizaiton

Modern hotels require many amenities for the convenience of the guests and every day hotel operations. Beside the regular towels and shampoos, hotels are now placing extra bathroom amenities like conditioners, body lotions, bath gels, refreshing salts for bathtubs, shower caps, etc. In the bedroom it is usual to place pens and notepads, shoe polish sponges, shoe horns, slippers, etc. What is actually placed and of which quality, greatly define the hotel’s position in the market. There are many suppliers of these products, but there comes the question of how reliable and consistent they are in sense of quality.

We are currently working with many guest amenity, furniture, equipment, cutlury suppliers from Armenia, Turkey, European countries, China, thus giving you the choice to find the products matching your budget and hotel's needs.

We are here to help you choose products matching your brand's identity, making it bright, classy and trendy, arrange the production, transportation and customs clearance for your. In the section of our website you will see samples of the products we offer, and the list is growing over the time.

Let us help you stand out from the competition by supplying you with high-quality and affordable amenities for your hotel.

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