Recruiting and Staff Training

Hotel recruiting and training

If you happen to ask a hotel manager to name a single problem of operating a hotel successfully, quite often you will get the answer “the lack of qualified staff”. Hospitality is people’s business, and having the right people on board is as vital as having the best quality hotel in the world. 

Noor Hospitality is here to provide your hotel with world-class recruiting services.

We will recruit the best possible staff for your hotel and train them, if required. Below are the benefits for your hotel if you leave the recruiting to us:
  • Fast fulfillment of vacancies with qualified applicants
  • You save time on screening hundreds of CVs and interviewing tens of applicants
  • We are able to invite and negotiate with already well-trained people from other hotels
  • Selection of the right candidate from the limited number of applicants already filtered by our experienced hospitality specialist-recruiters
  • Our hotel specialists will post the properly composed vacancy announcements in places that will ensure huge audience
  • We will give them a short outlook of general hotel procedures and standards
  • Consultancy to the hotel as how to arrange the recruitment process

How we do it all

  • The hotel gives us the initial information about the opening vacancy
  • We quickly check our rich database of already interviewed and qualified applicants to find the one required by you. As soon as we find the right applicant, he/she is sent to the hotel for an interview.
  • Meanwhile we post the vacancy announcement to and our Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn pages to ensure a large audience
  • We are also checking other hotels if there are people willing to move on
  • We arrange interviews with applicants at our office and select the right ones
  • We make detailed job descriptions and list the skills and knowledge needed to be successful at the position
  • We organize training for the already working staff upon request
  • We are able to invite experienced hospitality top managers from abroad

 We have resources to train your staff of modern customer service standards, housekeeping, restaurant service, etc. We are working on our database of qualified hotel specialists and can help you quickly fill in the vacancies of your hotel. We know who the right people are as we have extensive experience in working with people in hospitality industry. We can find from a qualified top manager to a qualified houseman for your hotel or restaurant.

Let’s work together, and soon you will see the improvement of your hotel occupancies and customer satisfaction levels.

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