The Cleaning Champion

The Cleaning Champion

Cleanliness is the one of the most important aspects of rendering excellent customer service in hotels. The efforts a hotel in exerting in cleaning its rooms and facilities, define whether the guest will stay there or be back. As there are not many great housekeeping staff and managers in Armenia, there is a great need in consistently improve the skills and knowledge of existing staff and managers. Here is the training "The Cleaning Champion" designed to train hotel's staff to cover the possible lack of knowledge and skills. 

Real Hotel Sales

Sales organization plays the most cruicial role in a hotel's success or failure. In the modern world of consistently growing competition it is the Sales department that generates the necessary demand for your hotel. Even if your hotel is the best hotel in the market, without proper sales efforts it is very hard to stay competitive.Noor Hospitality, by bringing together the best sales minds in the hospitality industry in Armenia, organizes professional hotel sales trainings for separate hotels or a cluster of hotels (for the time being only for hotels operating outside Yerevan).

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